Benefits of "The System" Slotted Track by Metal-Lite

This patented (#5,127,203) slotted track provides significant advantages over double track designs. Track slots allow for upward and downward movement of the structure while maintaining a positive attachment. You will no longer need cut-ins, safing, furring clips, taping or closure plates.

“THE SYSTEM®” Slotted Deflection Track by METAL-LITEhas solved the following problems at the head-of-wall:

1. Cycling:  The ONLY single-track system that has been full scale furnace and hose stream tested and cycled 100 and 500 times.

2. Deflection/Seismic Activity:  Movement both vertically and horizontally (inter-story drift).

3. Fireproofing: A system of fireproofing for about five cents a foot. NO caulking, NO cut-ins, NO ship laps, and NO sprayed on fireproofing.

4. Installation: NO waiting for fire-proofer, NO job down time. Contractor completes the system as the wall is finished.

5. Code Requirements: Single-track system with a secure installation method exceeds the UL 2079 requirements for one and two hour fire with hose stream tests. Meets 2009 IBC Section 714.3.

6. Cost: “The System®” is the least labor intensive, and the most cost effective way to meet all building requirements and codes.




City of Los Angeles General Approval- Metal-Lite’s One and Two Hour Fire Rated Joint System for metal stud walls. City of Los Angeles Research Report: RR-25319.

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