Fire-Tite bridging/blocking

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Product Information

Fire-Tite bridging and blocking

Fire-Tite Bridging & Blocking (pat# 6,260,318):
Fire-Tite bridging, blocking, and draft stop. Fire-Tite features bridging between studs which helps keep the studs straight in the wall. Fire-Tite also has Fire blocking for metal stud construction with 99% coverage.

Bridging, Fire Blocking, and Draft Stopping

Fire-Tite is a simple, easily installed, cost effective solution to all metal stud framed bridging. Replaces traditional channel iron bridging with clips.

FIRE BLOCKING. Building materials or materials approved for use as fireblocking, installed to resist the free passage of flame to other areas of the buildings through concealed spaces.

  1. No clips to install.
  2. No wire to install.
  3. No trimming needed.
  4. No threading through punch holes.
  5. Insert between metal studs, and twist so stud legs fit in notch and screw off.
  6. Availability floor inventory maintained to meet any demand. Fire-Tite™ is the simplest and easiest solution where fire blocking is required between metal studs.
  7. Largest percentage area of closure of open area.
  8. Faster to install than fire treated wood because there is no trimming or custom cutting needed.
  9. Easy and quick installation.
  10. One Fire-Tite piece can be used for both bridging and blocking.


Available in 3-5/8 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch widths, as well as 16 inch and 24 inch lengths in 20 gauge, 18 gauge, and 16 gauge galvanized steel.


Test Standards

707.5.1 Supporting Construction
The supporting construction for a fire barrier shall be protected to afford the required fire-resistance rating of the fire barrier supported. Hollow vertical spaces within a fire barrier shall be fireblocked in accordance with Section 717.2 at every floor.

Section 717 Concealed Spaces

717.1 General
Fireblocking and draft stopping shall be installed in combustible concealed locations in accordance with this section. Fireblocking shall comply with Section 717.2...The permitted use of combustible materials in concealed spaces of buildings of Type I or II construction shall be limited to the applications indicated Section 717.5.

717.2 Fireblocking
Fireblocking shall be installed to cut off concealed draft openings (both vertical and horizontal) and shall form an effective barrier between floors...Fire blocking shall be installed in the locations specified in 717.2.2 through 717.2.7

717.2.1.4 Fireblocking Integrity
The integrity of fireblocks shall be maintained.

717.2.2 Concealed Wall Spaces
Fireblocking shall be provided in concealed spaces of stud walls and partitions, including furred spaces, and parallel rows of studs or staggered studs, as follows:

  1. Vertically at the ceiling and floor levels.
  2. Horizontally at intervals not exceeding 10ft (3048mm).

717.5 Combustible materials in concealed spaces in Type I or II construction
Combustible materials shall not be permitted in concealed spaces of buildings of Type I or II construction.

Uses in the field

Fire-Tite is the most cost effective solution for fire-blocking a metal stud framed wall.


Excerpt from the IBC-2009 717.2.1 Fire Blocking Materials


  1. Two-inch nominal lumber
  2. Two thickness of 1-inch nominal lumber with broken lap joints.
  3. One thickness of 0.719-inch wood structural panels with joints backed by 0.719-inch wood structural panels.
  4. One thickness of 0.75-inch particleboard with joints backed by 0.75 particleboard.
  5. One-half-inch cement-based board.
  6. One-fourth-inch cement-based millboard.
  7. Batts or blankets of mineral wool, mineral fiber or other approved materials installed in such a manner as to be securely retained in place.
Combustible materials shall not be permitted in concealed spaces of buildings of Type I or II construction.
As stated by the IBC 2009 Section 717 (Concealed Spaces) 717.5