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The System Slotted Track

Deflection track "The System"

The System slotted deflection track is the only patented single piece system for deflection at the head-of-wall with positive attachment. Meets or exceeds all known building codes.

Flush-Mount Backing

Flush-Mount metal backing

The Flush-Mount backing system is the first and only backing system that is ADA Code Compliant for commercial grab bars and other wall-mounted applications.

Fire-Tite Bridging/Blocking

fire blocking metal framing

Fire-Tite is a simple, easily installed, cost effective solution to all metal stud framed bridging. Replaces traditional channel iron bridging with clips.

3-in-One Blocking/Backing

3-in-One is the only product on the market today to cover fire-blocking, bridging, and backing all in one piece. The 3-in-One is quick and easy to install between metal studs.

Technical Support

Metal-Lite™ has made a commitment to architects, contractors, owners, and building officials to provide the most extensive technical support in the metal stud framing industry. Whenever Metal-Lite metal framing component products are used in metal framing construction, Metal-Lite supports their use with field technical support to answer questions, assist with training for installations, and resolve technical issues as they arise during construction. This is Metal-Lite’s commitment to the designers and users of metal stud framing construction and its pledge to provide them with solutions to problems in the industry through using products that meet all National Building Codes.

Notch-Tite (Backing)

Notch-Tite backing

Notch-Tite Flat-Reinforced Backing:

Notch-Tite is an economical backing solution to meet backing requirements for handrails, grab bars, tubs, shower seats, wall mounted equipment, furniture, and furnishings. Notch-Tite is extremely fast and easy to install. Notch-Tite is pre notched to fit 16" or 24" on center stud construction.

  • Pull Test to a minimum of 250 pounds pull and point load
  • Approved by the California Office of Statewide Planning and Development (R-0192)

Meets or exceeds backing requirement of all known National Building Codes including the International Building Code 2009.

Benefits of using Notch-Tite:
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Mount and Screw Installation
  • No Field Modifications for 16" O.C. stud framing
  • Each piece has 1/2 notch on each end for continuous installation
  • Standard Size 6" with 1 1/4" legs, 16 gauge